Our Real Life Experience With CPTSD & PTSD


  1. ! Thank you for adding a post to #OffFridays, my mental health link-up…but specifically thank you for adding THIS post. I recently wrote a post on my struggles with forgiveness, but it centered on my struggles to forgive my abuser. I didn’t touch on this topic; forgiving myself for PTSD reactions. It is a really important topic. I’m glad also that you made the distinction that we do have choices and we need to own that; although PTSD is real, and can control our behavior, it’s on us to seek treatment and only we decide whether we take a selfish road or a caring-inclusive road to recovery. I hope you’ll join in future weeks! Your posts are a really valuable contribution <3

    • Thank you for all you do too! Our mission to destigmatize this disease is such an impactful one. It’s important to forgive our abusers, minimize our triggers, and forgive ourselves. I really enjoyed your article on forgiveness. Our perspectives definitely compliment eachother.

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