Our Real Life Experience With CPTSD & PTSD


  1. This is really good information. Telling my children about my PTSD was hard, but it definitely brought us closer. They began to understand some of the reasons why I act the way I do. I think children understand more than we think they do.

    • Hi Eddie. Thank you for sharing! You are absolutely right, kids are so intuitive and intelligent. They understand a lot more than we give them cretid for. What I’ve noticed about my youngest (she is six) is that not hearing an explanation caused her a lot of anxiety and conflict. But once I had our talk about “the angry bug” it looked like her heart felt better. Our lil ones just need reassurance sometimes. Plus, teaching them about mental health sets the future up for less stigma! Hang in there friend. I’m so proud of you for connecting with your children on that level, they love their Daddy. ♡

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