Our Real Life Experience With CPTSD & PTSD


  1. I appreciate the breakdown in the differentiation of the therapies which fall under CBT Talk Therapy. I am also glad that you pointed out that the client is relaxed prior to these treatments.
    Of course, I need to thank you, PTSD Wifey, for nominating me for the Best Blogger Award! As I said in my piece (soon to be published,) you will never find a more grateful nominee. ~ Melody Nolan, TreasureLives

    • Hi Melody, I’m very glad this post was helpful to you. I’m excited that I nominated you for Blogger Recognition Award 2017! Good luck!

  2. I certainly can identify with so much of what you have gone through. I am presently on spin cycle. I don’t really want to speak to anyone, see anyone or go anywhere. My pajamas are my best friend. I give myself one thing to accomplish a day. Some days I can get it done, some days I can’t. It helps to know others are going through this but sad as well. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you for leaving your thoughtful comment Sally! I know exactly how you feel and what I found is expanding your support system will help so much. Some of my posts may not relate to your specific situation. But many of them will and you will find peace and enrichment. Stay positive. There is an end to your spin cycle and times will feel like a roller coaster. You will be able to slow the ride down and perhapse catch your breath.

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